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I consider justice to be a core principle of my identity. That conviction has only grown as we face greater and greater challenges, here in the US and worldwide. This past year I encountered two gorgeous and powerful songs by singer/songwriters and educators, Eliana Light and Isaac Zones. I fell in love with their songs and rewrote a song of my own, and together we created 3 Songs for Justice. Last week we launched the first of the the 3, my song "Gates of Justice." This week, after the shattering tragedy at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, we realized how important these songs truly are to our community's healing, mourning, and ultimate journey towards justice. With that in our minds and our heavy hearts, we released the second song, Isaac Zones's "Tzedek, Tzedek (Rise Arise)".

Next Monday we will release the third song, Eliana Light's "Towards Justice", one day before the US midterm elections. We hope these songs will inspire you to work towards making change and, of course, VOTE!

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What makes you feel renewed? Refreshed? Reconnected? 

I was recently commissioned by the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College to write a new tune for an old prayer. In a moment of inspiration, I grabbed my ukulele and wrote this 3-part tune. The recording has only ukulele, guitar, and body percussion, oh yes, and voice! Listen for yourself and see if you can figure out what sounds are what. Here's the link. Enjoy - and feel free to share what makes YOU feel renewed!

Rainbow Train is OUT! (Click for artwork pic) 

SO thrilled to share that Rainbow Train is finally available nationally, for physical purchase (on CD Baby) and digital download. Soon will be carried on iTunes, Amazon, etc. In the meantime, visit CD Baby for all purchases! More soon. Here are some things people are saying: "This CD is amazing! It is making me cry! Thank you so much for this fun, beautiful, insightful, musical gift of acceptance and love." (that one just came via text message two minutes ago :)

Rainbow Train chugged through snow and rain! 

A few pics from today's show at the central branch of Philadelphia's Free Library. Despite the rain, sleet, and snow, plenty of brave souls showed up to dance and sing with a gender liberation beat. What a fun band - Shawn Hennessey on drums, Mikael Elsila on keys, Andres Villamil on bass, and special guest mighty Flipside Esq. rapping the rhyme he wrote for the disco tune "Dress Up and Dance." There will be some video and audio soon! Please stay tuned on Facebook also: more

Praying With Our Feet: MLK Day Revisited 

This morning my partner Kevin, my friend Michelle and I loaded up our 2 kids with winter gear and put the little one in the stroller. We said goodbye to my partner (who was speaking/preaching at a separate MLK event) and headed to join a spirited crew at Allen Lane train station to head into center city. My 4-yr-old chatted happily with his new friends on the train ride in, and everyone gave me a hand with my stroller on the countless up and down stair trips required for subway and train transfers. Finally…Read more

Naming themselves 

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Here's what the world could look like: at the end of my preK music class I offered each kid to call themselves whatever they wanted. One kid called herself a blueberry, one boy called himself a princess, one girl called herself a boy, and a few kids called themselves by their given names. Kids who don't always participate because of speech issues chose to say their names. The take-away for me: give children as many opportunities as possible to name… Read more

Dancing Across the Sea 

I just led a session this morning with some extraordinarily vibrant, creative, and engaging women at Drexel Hillel in Philly (props to Rabbi Isabel de Konick and Andrea Jacobs for thinking to invite me!) It was so much fun to talk about Miriam as a "possibility model" (a new term I just learned from Laverne Cox when she was inappropriately questioned by Katie Couric during an interview - but that's another story...) We talked about how Miriam led the Hebrew people from slavery into freedom by rocking out…Read more

Welcome to my new website! 

As we roll into 2014, I'm pleased to share that I have updated my website with new photos, tracks, videos, booking FAQ's (check 'em out), and more stuff rolling out soon! Are you looking for something in particular? Please let me know! I hope to hear from you soon. Love and happy holidays, 


Opening for We’re About 9, a wonderful band with 3 amazing folks who write great songs and entertain perfectly. This is a lovely series and I’m so glad to be a part of it.

Laughter and Kindness: A Post-Verdict Prayer 

As I opened the container of fresh blueberries, it slipped out of my hand and fell on the kitchen floor. Blueberries scattered across the tiles, rolling under the counter and refrigerator. I absolutely hate messes like that. More work for me. I was so angry and tired, and the last thing I wanted to do was pick up a bunch of spilled berries. Without thinking, I called out in frustration. “Arrrgghh!”

Izzy, my almost-3-year-old, looked over from where he was sitting at the table, waiting for me to bring the…

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Upcoming Rainbow Train Events

RIGHT NOW: Rainbow Train is available for purchase on CD baby!!
Thurs August 23 @ 8:00pm - "Join the Youth-Led Gender Revolution: Introducing Rainbown Train" on Facebook Live via Songleader Boot Camp - here's the link to tune in!

Past Rainbow Train Events

  • March 20 (Friday) 8:30-10 AM - presenting at Delaware Valley Association for the Education of Young Children (DVAEYC)
    • This is the premiere event for the early education community in the Delaware Valley. It brings together over 1500 early educators, presenters, exhibitors, and public officials for two days of idea-sharing and discussion of the importance of PLAY.
  • Late March - Kickstarter Campaign!
  • April 26 (Sunday) 10-11:30 AM - presenting songs of diversity at Germantown Jewish Center for families. Details TBA
  • May 14-21 - Chana is music educator in residence at Foundation for Jewish Camp's Cornerstone Program, a professional development program for summer camp counselors. Rainbow Train curriculum will be presented in a training as well as other diversity work through music.
  • Mid-May - Release Rainbow Train animated video
  • Late May - Launch youtube channel. Release Dress Up and Dance video.
  • Rainbow Train CD Release Party!
  • May 3 2:30-4:35 PM - Philadelphia CD release @ William Way LGBT Community Center!
    • Activities start at 2:30
    • Concert starts at 3:00
  • May 5 - national and international digital release date!
  • RSVP via Facebook here & follow Rainbow Train Music on Facebook for more details.

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