What makes you feel renewed? Refreshed? Reconnected? 

I was recently commissioned by the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College to write a new tune for an old prayer. In a moment of inspiration, I grabbed my ukulele and wrote this 3-part tune…

Rainbow Train is OUT! (Click for artwork pic)

SO thrilled to share that Rainbow Train is finally available nationally, for physical purchase (on CD Baby) and digital download. Soon will be carried on iTunes, Amazon, etc. In the meantime, visit CD Baby for all purchases! More soon. Here…

Rainbow Train chugged through snow and rain!

A few pics from today's show at the central branch of Philadelphia's Free Library. Despite the rain, sleet, and snow, plenty of brave souls showed up to dance and sing with a gender liberation beat. What a fun band -…

Praying With Our Feet: MLK Day Revisited

This morning my partner Kevin, my friend Michelle and I loaded up our 2 kids with winter gear and put the little one in the stroller. We said goodbye to my partner (who was speaking/preaching at a separate MLK event)…

Naming themselves

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Here's what the world could look like: at the end of my preK music class I offered each kid to call themselves whatever they wanted. One kid called herself a blueberry, one boy called…

Dancing Across the Sea

I just led a session this morning with some extraordinarily vibrant, creative, and engaging women at Drexel Hillel in Philly (props to Rabbi Isabel de Konick and Andrea Jacobs for thinking to invite me!) It was so much fun to…

Welcome to my new website!

As we roll into 2014, I'm pleased to share that I have updated my website with new photos, tracks, videos, booking FAQ's (check 'em out), and more stuff rolling out soon! Are you looking for something in particular? Please let…


Opening for We’re About 9, a wonderful band with 3 amazing folks who write great songs and entertain perfectly. This is a lovely series and I’m so glad to be a part of it.

Laughter and Kindness: A Post-Verdict Prayer

As I opened the container of fresh blueberries, it slipped out of my hand and fell on the kitchen floor. Blueberries scattered across the tiles, rolling under the counter and refrigerator. I absolutely hate messes like that. More work for…