Dancing Across the Sea

I just led a session this morning with some extraordinarily vibrant, creative, and engaging women at Drexel Hillel in Philly (props to Rabbi Isabel de Konick and Andrea Jacobs for thinking to invite me!) It was so much fun to talk about Miriam as a "possibility model" (a new term I just learned from Laverne Cox when she was inappropriately questioned by Katie Couric during an interview - but that's another story...) We talked about how Miriam led the Hebrew people from slavery into freedom by rocking out with the women, leading the charge across the Red Sea. I know we think of Moses as leading the people, but Miriam was the once who made the dancing happen - and who could imagine a true freedom celebration without song and dance? I also loved being able to talk about how I struggle with my own inner voice and core values while trying to stay afloat in the male-dominated, capitalist music industry. I got to sing "Inadequate" with a group of thoughtful and powerful Jewish women, which was awesome because I felt they were truly listening and thinking about the lyrics (which is a treat for a singer/songwriter). But I think my favorite part was when we were all rocking out to Ayeka, and I felt that together we were all starting to get past the voice that says "Don't do that - you have to look cool, be perfect" and we were all just moving our bodies the way we wanted to. I felt we needed to push even further and try some crazy things we always think we can't do - and we just let loose! It felt so good to just ROCK OUT. A great reminder to me that music and movement are incredible outlets, and that we always have the right to dance like no one's judging us - because in the end, we are responsible for our own liberation and through liberating ourselves, we create pathways for the people around us. I feel blessed and lucky to get to do the work that I do. 

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