Family Friendly CD Release Show

Here’s a fun video from my Family Friendly CD release set in Mount Airy, Philadelphia. A kid and grownup favorite!

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Favorite Songs from Sprouts Music Class in Mount Airy
  1. Liza Jane
    American Southern folk song – click here for some more history on this song
  2. Peace Like A River
    I also learned this version from Shira Kline (
  3. Wake Up You Sleepyheads
    I learned this at a music education workshop. Here’s some more info I found on it
  4. You Can Dance
    I learned this from Shira Kline ( and adapted it for my music classes.
  5. Kokoleo
    West African folk song about a crowing rooster.
  6. La Arana Pequenita
    “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” in Spanish. Thanks to Sprouts parent Arelis for teaching it to us! (This is my son’s favorite.)
  7. Good Morning Song and Sprouts Song

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“One Giant Leap," a play written by Chana Rothman and Jake Goodman for Storahtelling.