Press Panel discussion Wednesday on Free to Be... You and Me as it reaches a milestone 

By Samantha Melamed, Inquirer Staff Writer POSTED: November 03, 2014

For the generation who grew up on Free to Be ... You and Me, the memories remain vivid.

In Toronto, Chana Rothman alternated Free to Be with her parents' Simon & Garfunkel and Carole King. "It felt like it was the voice of a movement, and it felt like the movement could include me."

Chana Rothman, 39, of Mount Airy, a singer-songwriter, music educator, and mother of two, was raised on Free to Be.

In many ways, it remains ahead of the…

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Rothman says she got the idea for an event with a multifunctional space that can accommodate families with children. The rustic Cedars House fits nicely for with a wooden interior, along with decks and plenty of space outside. The venue is a health good café that offers arts and fitness classes along with massages, and is a prime stop for runners and cyclists passing through Wissahickon Valley Park near Northwestern Avenue.

“I love the woods and I’m also urban coffee shop place,” Rothman says. “It is the…

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